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09 November 2013 @ 02:00 pm
LOVE コン 名古屋  

Arashi Love Tour - Nagoya 1st day
report translation from various Japanese blogs

Note: May vary from actual event. Not my own report.

In summary: A concert full of LOVE. (pun intended)


1. Ai wo utaou (intro)
They appeared in outfits with large white feathers. After the rap, Sho who was looking cool tripped x)
2. Breathless
Lights turned black and they danced fiercely...wearing those large feathers xD
3. Wild at Heart
They're at the center stage.
4. Love Rainbow
M: Nagoya! Arashi's here! Arashi's back in Nagoya! Are you ready to have fun?! Have fun with us! We will make all 45000 of you here happy!
N: Welcome! Welcome! Arashi's here! Louder! Louder! OK! We're counting you to keep that energy til the end *double peace*
A: Hey, are we all hyped up?! More! More! It's the LOVE tour! Let's love, love! *winks* (which he failed probably)
O: Hi~!! Hi~!! Nagoya! Love Tour! This is certainly a Nagoya Love Festival! Yoroshiku~!
S: Party people~! How are you?! People at the top, how are you?! How about the people below? Nagoya, how are you?! Make love with us! Let's love each other~!

Report says that the steps are like that in 'hana ichimonme' (traditional Japanese children's game). At the last chorus, they separated to O&S, A&M, N
6. Endless Game
7. Intergalactic
8. Step and Go
9. Eyes with Delight
M: Dance, dance, dance~

10. sugar and salt
Outfit: Gold jacket, pants with gold highlights, gray shirts, cap
OP: A seemingly sad story that matched the song (read: angst/heartbreak)
11. Hit the floor
OP (vid): Ohno appeared from the elevator, his shoes echoing on the floor...then beside him is a woman
Ohno appeared from the backstage, then danced with elegance and preciseness.
ED (vid): He walks to his room with the woman, hands on her waist. With the night view background, they're talking, with Ohno holding/swaying a glass with alcohol/champagne.
Then, back to his dancing.

12. Sayonara no Ato de
J messed up. x)

Animation VTR
Baby Arashi (kappa, lion, baby in western clothes, baby with pacifier, panda(?) were mentioned *i can't actually imagine it, let's just wait*)
N: Hey, what’s your dream in the future?
M: I wanna be a baseball player
N: Ah~ me, too
S: I wanna be a musician!
A: Me, a president!
S: Pr..president?!
A: A president with mustache
O: Uhm…me…
S: Ah, Ohno-san’s mother’s here
O: …*freaks out*
O: Like what I’m saying…my dream is…
S: Ah, she’s here to change your nappies
O: EH? Hey wait! Not in front of these guys! Stop looking!
MANS: Show us! Show us!

They appeared in glittering pink outfits
13. Rock Tonight
The five of them move around during the interlude
M: Ninomiya-kun will go first!
(Nino jumped into the hole at the center stage)
N: aAah....
At the end, they were taking a remembrance photo O.o
M: Nice pose! Nice shot~
O: Huh?
S: Huh? Ninomi's not here!
A: Ninomi~ where are you?! Ninomi disappeared!

14. 20825日目の曲
OP (vid): Nino's driving a car. He then dialed his phone and his mom answered
N: Hello
Mom: Kazu?
N: Yeah?
Mom: Are you working today?
(Close up of Nino's finger wearing a ring)
N: I'm working
Mom: I see...good luck
The 10/23 date on the calendar was encircled in red. His mom looks disappointed. Switching back to Nino's driving, the seat beside him was closed up. On there was a bouquet of red roses. Cue Nino's grin.
Nino sings via acoustic guitar. He hits high notes pretty easily.
During the 'zutto kono mama~'
*vid* Nino arrived to their house with the bouquet of red roses in hand. But he saw her mother having fun talking with his father and receiving a present from him.

He thought it's too bad while looking at his bouquet and quietly left.

(So....what did that ring mean?! O.o)

15. One Love
No choreography.
16. Hatenai Sora
Good voice blending of Yamataro pair
17. Kimi no tame ni boku ga iru
S: Here it is after a long time! Check it out! Kimi no tame ni boku ga iru!
18. Kotoba yori mo taisetsu na mono
19. Energy song


S: Once again, we're Arashi! We're going to talk for a bit so please take your seats. Iya~ How's the energy so far?
O: In the super best condition (zekkouchou chou)
S: Ah, only in that song a while ago (lol)
M: Zekkouchou...
Audience: Chou!
S: Ooh~ what a great support (lol). Since we have a 360 degrees seating today, I wonder if there are people who experience this for the first time?
M: It's been a long time for us too, right? Since our first concert, Suppin Arashi
A: That's right~ But there was also this setting when we backdanced to our senpais when we were juniors
S: That felt nostalgic for some reason. Aiba-san, how's the show so far?
A: I...
(J removed his upper clothes, then took a drink and bath towel)
Audience: Kyaa~
A: Hey, it's my turn (to speak) now (lol)
M: This bath towel is being sold!
A: That's right~ (to Sho) What was I talking about again? (lol)
S: We got a fairly long time for this tour. Ah, the time when the five of us meet.
A: We also practiced a lot. We did yesterday, right? Then today, we went straight to our rehearsal. I even practice in my head in front of the park (lol)
O: Inside the car, too, right? (lol)
N: About that, you're being obvious! What's more Aiba-san, you might have intended to sing in a soft voice, but during that time, you were really loud.
A: EH?! (lol)
O: So true
S: When I first heard him, I thought something came out
A: But Matsujun today-!
S: No, he was nervous
N: Yeah, yeah
A: It's rare, right?
N: Yeah
A: Eh? Did you notice?
N: At the first part, right?
M: That was...(lol)
A: During Sayonara no ato de...
(They get in their positions)

N: Please give the demonstrations
(Leader did so)
A: And then...
N: *hums*
(J faced the wrong way)
M: At first I thought Aiba-chan messed up, but Sho-kun was also facing the same way (as Aiba), I thought "Ah, I messed up"
A: It's really rare!
(J gets embarrassed)
S: Well, that's how much he looks around him. Matsujun being placed in a delicate position is rare (lol).
S: That song was choreographed by Ohno-kun. By the way, who are those who thought so?
(Audience responded via their penlights and the likes)
S: Sorry! Wrong way of asking. Those who thought so, clap!
Audience: *claps*
S: Heh~ Pretty many. By the way, who are those who think that there are more songs that Ohno-kun choreographed?
O: I did quite a number of songs~
S: You didn't choreograph that much this time!
(Loud claps from the audience)
S: Actually, aside from his solo, that was the only song he choreographed. On the contrary, I wonder what song did they think you choreographed?
S: Come to think of it, the FUNKY dance
N: Also, it's been a long time since Ohno-san did that.
O: Yeah
N: It's been a long time!
A: I thought "Thank you for waiting!"
O: But I never did that before
N: Even as an act?
O: I never did!
M: I'm the only one who probably thought this...somehow, your eyes look perverted (lol)
N: And the leather jacket didn't suit him (lol)
O: Shut up~
(J mimics his dance)
O: You're making fun of it, aren't you?
N: No way
O: It's still the first day so stop. What should I do from here on? (lol)

*FUNKY dance practice*
S: Then, Matsujun, you have an announcement?
M: Yes! Hidamari no Kanojo is being shown right now. Thank you very much. I'm really happy that many people came to watch it. It's still being shown, so if you like, please watch it.
S:: Then on January...
M: That's right. The love continues...
N: As expected of LOVE man
M: "Love man" (lol)
A: Way to go Love man
M: He fails at love though. The manga Hitsuren Chocolatier will be adapted so please look forward to it. I'll be bringing chocolates for you next year! Ah, I guess I'll also give you Valentine chocolates~
ANOS: Yey!
(J left to prepare for his solo)
S: We finally became a group wherein a member makes chocolates (for the group)
N: That's right
S: It went beyond a friendly chocolate (tomochoco) after all!
S: I also have an announcement. Kamisama no Karute 2 will be shown. A  lovely scenery will be shown...so please watch it. And, Kagi no kakatta...
O: Heya. We're already finished filming it
N: Early next year?
O: Uhm...next year
S: Then we have to wait after a year from now?
O: Not sure since they have this editing and stuffs
N: Then, we are...appearing in the DVD that were released so far! (lol)
A: We'll also be playing baseball!
S: Never mind your private activities! By the way, when did you last play?
A: I think last April?
S: Did you win?
N: Well...was it the first time?
A: Yeah! It's the first time we won!
N: Also, it's not really interesting but...we played baseball until the 7th inning
S: Not 9?
A: Yeah! We borrowed the place for two hours but...
N: It was over after 30 minutes. The referee asked if they should continue but this person said "No, let's stop"
S: (lol) You didn't let them reverse the game?
N: Yeah! It's a subtle one point difference. And this person is the owner
S: Owner?
N: Because he bought three bats. It's not as if everyone was unwilling, yet he became the owner just because he bought 3 bats, and can even choose his favorite position.
A: I'll be the fourth batter!
S: We also like to announce this, though Matsujun is not here. We'll be hosting the Kouhaku Utagassen this year again!
S: Then, shall we go to the second half?
A: Are we all hyped up?! Yey!
Audience: Yey!
A: Louder!
Audience: Yey!
A: Louder!
Audience: Yey!
A: Then, here's the next corner!

20. Dance in the dark
OP (vid): J is with a woman in a church. Close up to the full moon then his eyes suddenly turned red, transforming him into a vampire. Drawing the woman's hair away, he feeds on her blood...

21. Monochrome
~Dance Remix~
Monochrome's melody became distorted and they started the dance remix. Each of them do their own thing, like Nino's accent (?) dancing, Sho sways his body in hiphop style while wearing a hood, Aiba moves a lot boldly, J shakes his body intensely (that his sweats fly off)
Formation changed.
22. P・A・R・A・D・O・X
Yes, Nino butt sway.
23. Calling
Right after paradox, and Aiba was sweating a lot as he was flashed on the screen as he exited
24. Yozora e no tegami
OP (vid): Aiba was running after he read his gf's letter to him. Passing by the roadside, there's a kid who's looking at an injured dog. He let himself take them to the hospital since he couldn't leave them as they are.
Aiba sang full of emotion as the video showed him dashing on the street from the hospital. Video also showed him crying while looking up in the sky. The video ended, and Aiba was sweating a lot that he wiped his face. He bowed then left the stage

25. Tears
The five of them were wearing duffle coats (Ohno-yellow, Nino-navy blue, Sho-green, J-purple, A-red). Seemed like the arena was quite noisy that's why Sho looked like he was suddenly in a bad mood during his 2nd solo part.
26. Starlight Kiss
Good job, Nagoya.
28. Meikyuu Love Song
Sho definitely held out his hand then pulled it back (as if pulling someone up) during "tsuyoku hikuyo"
29. Love so sweet
30. Ai wo Utaou
At the last chorus, a hole opened up in the dome (not sure where @_@) and the members appeared. Love in different languages were shown.

31. Tooku made
Ohmiya shared a moving truck that only carries one person
32. Sakura Sake
33. Happiness

~Double Encore~
S: To all of you who gathered here in Nagoya, thank you very much for today. At the beginning I said something like "Let's love each other!" but did our 'love' reach everyone of you? And did all of you receive our love?
(Great cheers from the audience)
S: I believe that we made a place where love overflowed. We'll continue with our tour from here on, so let's spend a wonderful time like this again. Thank you very much for today.
O: Everyone, thank you very much for today. Eh...since this is the LOVE tour, I believe that the place where we all gather and have a concert is also love. Your cheers are also love...it's love love! Ah...as expected, whatever
S: You sure? Won't you say it again?
O: Eh....it's love love. Ah, no, I'll stop after all. I think that this is a warm place where we all gathered, so let's gather and enjoy time together from here on as well. Thank you very much.

A: Thank you all very much for today! It was really fun. It's exhilirating that it makes me really happy when I look back upon it. Also, the FUNKY dance was perfect! Because today's the first day! Besides, you all heard the timing for the wave for the first time today and you did it properly, it was amazing! There are also people who (copied and) danced during Rock Tonight, right? That really made me happy. It was really fun. Thank you very much for today!

N: Thank you very much! It's love~ Yeah, it's love. Well, when I thought about love, I thought about mankind. So, when I researched what day will it be if we live for until we're 80, the result was around 29000th day.  Then when I thought how about my mom...I thought that I should act as a filial son already or else she'll die.

Audience: Eh~

N: No, though you might react like that, it's the truth! Though it doesn't mean I'm happy about it! ...Ah, because my mom is still alive! Though it's like it turned out that she's dead, she's still alive, okay!
Today was so much fun! It's fun but...it depends individually! I thought Arashi has become lewd. Thank you very much for today!
M: Thank you very much for today! The theme this time is LOVE...well, I thought this kind of theme is difficult, we sang different love songs so far, but I wonder how should we express love... So the LOVE we have thought has become the concert today. Nino expressed a family love, and mine was vampire-like (lol). Love really exists in different forms. And 14 years has passed over us...or rather 15 years.

(Audience clapped)

M: No, no, it's thanks to all of you. We reached 15 years because of your support, so I believe that we'll be able to express our rich passion (koi), no, I mean love (ai). Thank you very much.
M: Then the last song is this:
34. Kansha Kangeki
35. My Girl
A: Thank you!
N: Bye bye!
M: It was fun~!
S: Thank you very much!
O: Thank you!

End note: there were also parts that confused me, so at the end of the day, all I will ask for is a DVD :3

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