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18 January 2014 @ 12:26 pm
失恋ショコラティエ 話28  
And so I decided to translate volume 7 while clawing my hair coz' I still have not read volume 6 (just summaries of it, though)

I'll translate the chapter 28 onward (hopefully I won't get lazy)

WARNING: POSSIBLE DRAMA SPOILERS if you're watching it so read at your own risk. Or read imagining Matsujun :3

Heartbroken Chocolatier

You can download the latest raws here

Chapter 28

[colored pages]
Being near you, and you being near me,
are enough to mess up my senses

Souta: Saeko-san

Saeko: Good evening, Souta-kun
Souta: ....Good evening...
Saeko: Ah...thank you very much for the chocolates last time. I'm sorry that I couldn't give my thanks immediately
Saeko: They are very delicious
Saeko: The gateau chocolates, eclair series...even the mousse! I enjoyed all their textures that somehow it felt new to me... I'm once again moved how delicious chocolates are!
Souta: Thank you. I'm glad they pleased you...
Souta: Ah...going for a trip? Your seem to be carrying a lot
Saeko: ....a trip....
Saeko: it may...turn out like that....

Saeko: I left home
Souta: Eh?
Saeko: I left home
Saeko: I haven't told my husband yet, nor anyone else...

Souta: You left...home?
Souta: Eh? Wha- Did you fight with your husband?
Saeko: ...fight... We do fight but...I don't rush out when we do
Saeko: ...Sorry, I can't explain it well but things happened...

Souta: ...No...I'm sorry too...
Souta: Then, you're going back to your parents' home now?
Saeko: My parents' home is out of the question. My husband will immediately find me there and my parents will definitely get angry
Saeko: ...I'm sure my mom won't listen to anything I'll say
Saeko: Anywhere's fine for now, I just want to go somewhere my husband can't find me
Souta: How about your friends' place?
Saeko: My friends...I wonder. They live with their boyfriends and most of them are already married, so it's kinda....

Souta: I see...I also live at my parents' home and there's no spare room there... though it will be okay if Olivier moves out, haha
Saeko: ............

Saeko: ...I'm sorry for coming suddenly and talking about weird things
Souta: ...No...
Saeko: Then, I'll go now
Souta: To where?
Saeko: I don't know but I'll try to find a cheap hotel
Souta: But it's already this late
Saeko: Yeah...but I'll work things out!
Saeko: See you, Souta-kun. Good luck on your work. And thank you for the chocolates!

Souta: Saeko-san!

Souta: You can stay at our shop
Souta: There's a lodging space...though it's not that good
Souta: There's a bed at the storehouse. I use that to take a nap when I pull an all-nighter
Souta: If you're okay with such a messy place...
Saeko: But...I'll trouble you...
Souta: Not at all! It's not a busy season so no one's using it

Souta: Business hour is already over but I have to clean up...
Souta: Can you wait for me at the nearby cafe? I think it will take an hour but I will pick you up after
Saeko: ..... Is it really okay?
Souta: Yes, of course
Souta (thinking): Because Saeko-san, you came here fully depending on me
Souta (thinking): ---Or rather, it's a wishful thinking
Saeko: Thank you
Saeko: I'm sorry, Souta-kun. Thank you

Souta (thinking): First of all, I have to change the bed sheet and pillow cover!!
Souta (thinking): No, before that, I have to put these away...
Souta (thinking): NO, I have to clean first! Clean!!
Souta (thinking): ...or so I think but while I'm preparing...
Saeko: Sorry~ I patched up with my hubby so I'm going home <33
Souta (thinking): IT'S POSSIBLE!! IT'S POSSIBLE!

Kaoruko: Souta-kun, what are you doing? You're staying here tonight?
Souta: Ah...nope. Uhm- I'm just cleaning since it bothers me.
Kaoruko: Shall I help you?
Souta: It's okay, it'll be done soon
Souta: Thanks for the hard work! See you tomorrow!!
Kaoruko: ...Yeah. Thanks for the hard work
Souta (thinking): Could it be that I'm seeing the grandest daydream ever?
Souta (thinking): ...everything is dream-like...
Olivier: Souta, what are you doing? What about your promise with Elena?
Souta: Ah, yeah...of course I'll go but it's kinda...
Souta: ...you see, I didn't tell Kaoruko-san because it might stir up trouble...
Souta: Saeko-san will likely stay here tonight
Olivier: Really?! Is that Saeko-san's answer?! Abandoning her home and running to you?!

Souta: No...sorry for exciting you but I think that's not the case
Olivier: Eh--?!
Souta: It's not about giving me an answer... I don't know her circumstances, but in any case, she left home and seems to have nowhere to go
Souta: Sorry for letting a person stay here arbitrarily
Olivier: It's your shop so it doesn't matter! And it seems things will get interesting anyway
Souta: ..........

Souta (thinking): Will Saeko-san really stay there?
Souta (thinking): Will Saeko-san sleep on the bed where I sleep?
Souta (thinking): I doesn't feel realistic at all....
*sound of phone vibrating*
Souta (thinking): SEE! JUST AS I THOUGHT
Saeko (Souta's willful thinking): "I patched up with my hubby so I'm going home <3"
Souta (thinking): Here it comes! SEE!
cellphone: One message received - ELENA
cellphone: Work was finished on time! I'll wait at my place. I'll prepare the beers.
Souta: I'm really sorry for this place...
Saeko: It's totally fine! I'm really grateful
Souta: Please wait, let me take this out of the way....
*cellphone fell*

Souta: Uhm, there's a bathroom...and shower there just in case
Souta: I'll leave the towels and everything here so feel free to use them. No need to be shy
Saeko: Really...thank you
Saeko: I suddenly came here yet you prepared this much for me...
Souta: ...Uhm, first of all, though I don't think it will happen, I'm just thinking what should I do if Yoshioka-san comes here
Souta: Should I say I don't know?

Saeko: ...I don't want to get in touch with that person for a while...
Saeko: ....I'm sure I'm the one at fault
Saeko: But...when I'm there....
Saeko: I'm sorry. I don't know how to say it
Saeko: I'll talk once I'm able to explain it well
Souta: Sure, it's okay. Anytime
Saeko: I'm sorry Souta-kun. Thank you very much

Saeko: Souta-kun, you're a savior, a prince
Souta: No, you don't need to exaggerate...
Souta: It's not a big deal, so don't mind it...

Souta (thinking): Ah- crap. I might commit a mistake without thinking in this situation
Souta (thinking): Sorry for thinking like that Saeko-san...
Souta (thinking): She's in a tight situation yet you're being imprudent! You idiot! Perverted egoist!
Souta: Bye, you can really use the place as you like it so see I'll see you tomorrow
Saeko: You're going?

Souta: Yeah...I have a promise with a friend
Souta: I'll be here at 7am tomorrow
Saeko: Okay. Thank you. See you tomorrow

Souta (thinking): "A samurai uses a toothpick even if he has not eaten" -something like that!
Souta (thinking): Or rather, seriously, if I stay longer there, I might panic and say weird things

Souta (thinking): She looks helpless, maybe I should have stayed with her a little longer....
Souta (thinking): No, but it will be bad if something happens and I have a promise with Elena so I have to go
Souta (thinking): But, we didn't set the time so maybe I can be a little late...
Souta (thinking): But I already came out. If I return, I'll look like an idiot if she asks me if I'm okay
Souta (thinking): ...but as expected, she might get really lonely if left alone in other people's house...
Souta (thinking): ...but....
Souta: ........
T/N: He's doing a flip-a-coin using his shoe ^_^
Souta (thinking): If it's the front, I'll go to Elena's place, if it's the back, I'll stay a bit longer with Saeko-san
Souta (thinking): ...........
Souta (thinking): No, I kinda cheated there....

Souta: I guess it's the balance of my shoe...
Souta (thinking): NO, this shoe is acting weird!!
Souta (thinking): Whew~! Thank goodness!!!
Souta (thinking): OK! I'll go to Elena!!!
Souta (thinking): Oh yes, I haven't replied to her message yet....
Souta (thinking): AAHHHH!!!
*knocks on door*
Souta: Saeko-san? Sorry, I think I left my cellphone there
Souta: Sa...
Saeko: Your cellphone's here
Souta: Thank...you...
Souta: ....why are you holding my cellphone?
Saeko: I wonder why
Souta: Really, stop it. Seriously
Souta: ...No...really...Saeko-san----
Souta: I CAN'T...!

[--not appropriate for minors---]

cellphone: No new message

"Amazing Souta-kun"
"You smell of chocolates as expected"

"Rea...lly? I have no idea myself"
"You do"

Saeko: ...being there...

Saeko: makes me I feel I've become an object
Saeko: same as the table, chairs, and flat iron
Saeko: I'm sure if he says "People are objects too" I'll just end it with "You're right" and smile
Saeko: Probably....

Souta (thinking): Saeko-san
Souta (thinking): did I become your prince?

Souta (thinking): Or did I sully you beyond repair?
Souta (thinking): Until yesterday, I was a pained man who drowns in his delusions
Souta (thinking): A mere chocolatier like me finally becomes a lover of a married woman

Souta (thinking): No, I don't know if I did become one
Souta (thinking): Whatever it is, I'm still a pathetic man
Souta (thinking): Saeko-san, I still don't know what you are thinking
Souta (thinking): But I love you still
Souta (thinking): You'll immediately go somewhere else
Souta (thinking): And look nonchalantly again tomorrow

Souta (thinking): If I am to be reborn, I want to be one of her red blood cells,

Souta (thinking): continuously flowing and pulsating underneath her milky-white skin
Souta (thinking): traveling to the every nook of her body

*will still be subjected to editing*

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spoilbrat09spoilbrat09 on January 18th, 2014 05:04 am (UTC)
kyaaa~~~ahhh i see.it was 'this type of drama'..full of shouta's imagination..poor J...tanoshimi to the next episode!
Amnos: peacecoolgurlz_1909 on January 18th, 2014 08:19 am (UTC)
Yabaaaaaai..!! Thank you for translating and sharing this ^^,
Fadhilla Husnul Khatimahdiruhooe on January 18th, 2014 02:19 pm (UTC)
yabaaaaai I'm getting excited!!! thanks mirei since the trans for this comic I guess it's dropped but I can't see it updated since chapter 3. you're a saviour thanks! :DDDD
newjapannewjapan on January 21st, 2014 01:56 pm (UTC)