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26 January 2014 @ 07:12 pm
失恋ショコラティエ 話29  
Shitsuren Chocolatier Chapter 29

Raw manga from here

WARNING: POSSIBLE DRAMA SPOILERS if you're watching it so read at your own risk.

Kaoruko (thinking): Uhm...this is?
Souta: Good morning, Kaoruko-san! You see, actually, many things happened and Saeko-san stayed in the room upstairs
Saeko: Sorry for staying at your workplace
Saeko: Souta-kun came here first and made this French toast
Saeko: This is extremely delicious! Kaoruko-san, wanna have some, too?

Saeko: Ah, I see, Kaoroku-san always eats Souta-kun's French toast!
Kaoruko: NO.  NOT EVEN ONCE.
Kaoruko: Well, I'm fine. Eating such a high calorie food in the morning is a little...
Kaoruko: At my age, my metabolism slows down, and they easily adhere to the stomach, haha
Saeko: No way- there isn't that much difference with us <3
Kaoruko (thinking): It's a big difference from 6-year-olds!

Souta: Kaoruko-san!
Souta: Sorry. There was a sudden commotion last night
Souta: It seems something happened at Saeko-san's home
Kaoruko:..... What about you last night? Did you go home?
Souta: Yep! That's right!!
Kaoruko (thinking): And yet you're the same clothes as yesterday...
Souta: I was bustling this morning so I came here wearing the same clothes as yesterday

Kaoruko (thinking): ...well, things like that happen...do they..?
Kaoruko (thinking): I'm not even his girlfriend or anything so he has no reason to lie...I guess...

Kaoruko: ...Well, whatever. This is your shop so use it as you please
Souta: Thank you...Sorry....

Kaoruko (thinking): Why did this happen so suddenly?
Kaoruko (thinking): But last time, those two were kissing so I guess it's not that sudden
Kaoruko (thinking): ...But it won't develop further than that, right? Because...Saeko-san is that (married)....

Kaoruko (thinking): And there's also his model friend?
Souta: ...Saeko-san, what will you do now?
Saeko: I'll leave soon. ...But...
Souta: Ah...I'm not really rushing you, uh...you can stay if you need to...
Souta: But if you want to go back, of course...
Saeko: Thank you
Saeko: ...I don't want...to go back...

Saeko: Let me think on what should I do from here

Olivier: Eh- Then that means that she's thinking of divorce??
Olivier: What a sudden turn of events!  The last episode is near--!!
Souta: Don't put a last episode on people's lives!
Olivier: Don't worry there's still a second season!

Souta: To be honest, I don't know what's going through Saeko-san's mind at all
Souta: But at the very least, Saeko-san have not said that she loves me... I feel that when she said "she'll think" it doesn't include me
Souta: And when she becomes okay, she'll casually go back to her home

Olivier: That will make you more relieved, right?
Souta: ....I don't really know....
Olivier: How about Elena?
Souta: She has not contacted me yet
Souta: Or rather, I should be the one contacting her, but I feel bad....
Souta: I stood her up without saying anything, and things have turned worst...
Souta: Even if contact her right now, I have to think on what to say to her...

Olivier: I guess it's my fault
Olivier: Because I called you and Elena as "sex friends" at the beginning
Olivier: The truth is I know that you two are a normal couple
Olivier: But naming something even if it's a joke, becomes as the name states
Olivier: If I called Elena as your "girlfriend" perhaps you won't betray her like you did last night

Olivier: Names are important, aren't they?
Souta: You may be right, but I also didn't tell her that "we're not sex friends"
Souta: ...It's not really your fault, Olivier
Olivier: That's true, too! It's your fault, ahaha
Souta: ....................

Kaoruko: Thank you for coming
Kaoruko: Hey, what's Saeko-san doing upstairs? It seems something happened in her home, but is she going to stay here today again?
Olivier: Who knows, maybe. They're finally bound together after all
Olivier: Saeko might get wild too
Olivier: How far will Souta persevere?

Kaoruko: "They're bound" ..........
Olivier (thinking): Could it be that Souta has not told Kaoruko?

Kaoruko (thinking): Then he should have told me in the beginning, I won't get mad!!

Kaoruko (thinking): No, I'm certainly pissed. I'm extremely angry right now..!! Though I'm not in the position to get angry
Kaoruko (thinking): Besides keeping up a front like nothing happened is extremely painful!!
Kaoruko (thinking): This kind of....
Kaoruko (thinking): That's right. Souta's father won't allow an immoral woman stay at the shop's empty room, right?

Kaoruko (thinking): Right! I have to tell him! It's not right after all!
Kaoruko: Hello? Is it you, Sir? This is Kaoruko. Uhm, actually....
Souta: Huh? Dad, what are you doing here?
Souta: We have enough people, but of you're going to help...

Saeko: Ah...
Dad: ....I'm Souta's father

Saeko: You're his father, aren't you? Nice to meet you! I'm Yoshioka Saeko
Dad: ...I heard from a worker here, it seems that you're staying here
Saeko: I'm really sorry for troubling you
Dad: ...No...
Saeko: Souta and I are close since we were in high school
Saeko: Some things happened at home, and Souta-kun helped me

Dad: Did he tell you to do some cleaning?
Saeko: No! Uhm...
Saeko: I thought I should do something to thank him... I did this on my own...sorry
Saeko: He really saved me for letting me stay here. I rushed out without knowing where to go. I was really at loss on where to go...

Souta: Dad, uhm...
Dad: I talked to Saeko-chan
Souta (thinking): "Saeko-chan?"
Dad: If you're going to get involved in such situation, don't be half-hearted about it and properly look after her
Souta: ..Yeah...
Souta: Eh- Uhm, did she tell you the situation of her home in details?
Dad: Like I can pry into other people's business. But I generally get her situation
Dad: Saeko-chan has it tough
Dad: A good girl like her was taken by a such worthless man and made her suffer

Dad: Geezus, this world is so...
Kaoruko (thinking): THE KOYURUGI DNA IS HOPELESS!! I cannot count on it!!

Kaoruko: You really have the nerve.You're married yet you're staying at other man's place doing this and that
Kaoruko: I can't really imagine it

Kaoruko: Well, if I have to think about it... it concerns us both so it's okay, right?
Kaoruko: It's not something that should come from me
Kaoruko: You seriously love Souta, too, don't you?
Saeko: What?

Kaoruko: "What?" Are you playing around?
Saeko: Playing around? ...I am not
Saeko: I never thought whether love is playing around or being serious
Kaoruko: At least there's a difference between playing around and being serious, right?!

Saeko: .........
Saeko: ...Ah  I... seriously think that I want Souta to love me
Saeko: I think there are a lot of other girls around him but I persisted and came to be loved by him most
Saeko: That's what you mean by "being serious in love" right?

Kaoruko: That's wrong!! That's like playing a game, right?! That's what you call playing around!! Love is neither baseball nor shougi!!
Saeko: Eh- but...aren't there people who are seriously doing their best in baseball and shougi?
Saeko: They put great efforts in improving themselves...thinking on what their opponents feel and what they themselves can do...
Kaoruko: NO, NO, NO!!

Kaoruko (thinking): This woman is not decent as expected!!
Kaoruko (thinking): Souta-kun is just being deceived and played by this girl!!

Kaoruko: That's totally wrong!!
Kaoruko (thinking): THIS WOMAN IS THE WORST!!

Saeko: Is that so? How is it wrong?
Kaoruko: Baseball and shougi are different from love!
Saeko: Is...that so? Eh- Then...when does love become serious?
Kaoruko: Like I said, for example...!

Kaoruko (thinking): For example...
Kaoruko (thinking): Yeah, not minding the looks nor the situation
Kaoruko (thinking): unconditionally loving one's inside...
Kaoruko (thinking): ...No, it's not about being unconditional

Kaoruko (thinking): I seriously love Souta-kun but
Kaoruko (thinking): as expected, I came to love him for becoming wonderful after he returned from Paris
Kaoruko: ...uh....in other words...

Kaoruko (thinking): ...yes...that person's...
Kaoruko (thinking): Yes, like wishing for that person's happiness
Kaoruko (thinking): That's it, right?
Kaoruko (thinking): Eh? But did I ever wish for Souta-kun's happiness?
Kaoruko (thinking): I never wished for things to work out well between him and Saeko-san
Kaoruko (thinking): When I heard that he's going out with that model, I even wished that he'll split her right away and become tattered all the way
Kaoruko (thinking): After all, if he can't be mine, I wished that he'll at least  become unhappy

Kaoruko (thinking): But I'm a serious person
Kaoruko (thinking): I seriously love Souta-kun to a greater extent than this gaudy housewife or that model
Kaoruko (thinking): That's how I want it to be
Kaoruko (thinking): But then what was I expecting?
Kaoruko (thinking): Having fallen in love at first sight with the Prince of Chocolates, do I just want to become the Princess of Chocolates?
Kaoruko (thinking): In the end...

Saeko: Kaoruko-san

Saeko: What do you mean by "being serious in love?"

Kaoruko (thinking): Hell I know!
Kaoruko (thinking): There's no way I would know the things you can't understand
Kaoruko (thinking): Don't seriously think that I know because I look like I do

Kaoruko (thinking): I don't understand anything, not more than that woman
Kaoruko (thinking): I'm the same with that woman
Kaoruko (thinking): We're the same, and I'm below her

Souta: Kaoruko-san! Are you okay?

Kaoruko (thinking): Souta-kun, that woman is crazy. She's disgusting
Kaoruko (thinking): But I'm disgusting too
Souta: Kaoruko-san?
Kaoruko (thinking): Souta-kun, be careful. Women are disgusting beings.


Waah~ good chapter, love that exchange between Saeko and Kaoruko with the latter getting mind/heartfuck. Contrary to what everyone probably wants, I want Souta to end up with Saeko. But with chapter 34...hmmm...let's see how things will work out.

DO NOT REPOST AND USE WITHOUT PERMISSION. Just read if you want to be spoiled :3
ladyana2jladyana2j on January 26th, 2014 06:22 pm (UTC)
thank you so much mirei! gommennasai, I forgot to left my comment before after read the ranslation of chapter 28...

I dont have problem reading spoiler tough :D , hope you can keep translating the next chapter in future!

ganbatte ne! :)
nekoalkimistnekoalkimist on January 27th, 2014 05:48 am (UTC)
OMG!! what big chapter!!! thank you for translate.
I can´t wait for coming cap!!
nanu00nanu00 on February 6th, 2014 06:08 pm (UTC)
thyanks for sharing ! sometimes I love Saeko and Souta relationship and I want them to end up together but some other times I really hate the way Saeko tricks him and the M side of Souta ... I can not wait to see more of this
ueda_no_koi: dori-takeueda_no_koi on February 11th, 2014 03:25 pm (UTC)
You're soooo awesome for translating these~
i definitely want to be spoiled~ haha! The drama's going painfully slow, I needed this! ^^
Looking forward to more of your work! ^^
Otsukare & Yoroshiku!
nekoalkimistnekoalkimist on March 8th, 2014 04:26 am (UTC)
Uahhhh please dear Mirei continues to translate the other chapters x_x I die to know more and in episode 8 was the same as the manga, all was perfect x3333 many greetings :)