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27 October 2014 @ 09:23 pm
...moving on...  
Future subs will be posted at soulsubs streaming and with download links.

Community is locked of course, with moderated membership. Join if you're interested, but please don't whine if you don't get accepted. Read the public sticky post first, so you would know what to read next once you're accepted into the community.

As for my past works' links that were posted here in my journal, I might post them at soulsubs as well. That is, if the links are still working. Needless to say, if the links are already broken/deleted/expired, I won't post them anymore. And the lazy me won't reupload unfortunately :/

Again, I don't take requests. I don't have a project list as I just randomly sub anything that interests me (and something that I can actually finish given my busy? sched).

Anyway, please do enjoy the subs if you're accepted. and please don't be a pain in the ass.