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30 August 2019 @ 06:02 pm
~obsession knows no boundaries~  


Public journal. Feel free to leech/lurk. Just don't reupload, or claim anything taken here as your own.

List of Arashi subbed videos (to view them, click the downloads tag)

What is this journal for: Arashi, anime, manga, and any other fandom ramblings. I post randomly, and perhaps, about things that you might not really get interested to.

As of 2012, I removed all friends from my f-list. Reason: I only want to follow the communities I joined.

If you added me, feel free to remove me as well. If you want to add me (perhaps because you want to follow this journal), go ahead, but I'll unlikely add you back.

If you want streaming subbed Arashi vids, go to soulsubs where I post them. Please read the public post before joining. The rest of the subs are public in this journal.

Update 09/24/2014: Subbed videos locked. Future subs will be posted at soulsubs