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Shiyagare 7.24.2010

Guest: Oguri Shun

Totally a guy-talk episode xD Somehow refreshing that they are talking with a guy close to their age :D Who wouldn't giggle as they talk about butts, their fetishes and nose hair? xD
So this might mean it's possible to see guys like Matsuken, Yamada Takayuki, Nari, FujiTats and the likes appear in this show? *___*



J: This time I know the guest
S: Why?
J: Because he slipped (with his words).
N: Who?
J: His age is close to us.

Tada! It's Jun's BFF who came to promote 'Surely Someday', which is his major debut work as a director.

Shun was too happy when he knew he would be guesting in an Arashi show, that he told Jun xD

And they talked about how Shun and Jun had been together since forever Gokusen, and we all know that they don't have a good relationship in the beginning.

Shun: I thought, 'what a nasty guy!'

and being the good friends that they are now, Jun told him:

"If it's for you, I'll promote (your movie) as much as you like" Oh sweet.

He brought something useful for Arashi: Fashionable eyeglasses, though it's sunglasses for Leader, since Shun thinks it fits for fishing. Silver eyeglasses for Aiba, red eyeglasses for Sho since he thought of his Yatterman image. He gave Nino the same type as Sho's, though it's a blue one for him. Lastly, a big green eyeglasses for Matsujun.

Talk rumors with Oguri Shun:

1. It seems he had a mohican hairstyle back in high school
2. It seems he won't reply no matter what kind of mail it is
3. It seems he likes butts <-- I lol'ed xD They end up talking about some of their fetishes, and Jun expounding his and Shun's love for butts.
4. It seems like he's fine with his nose hair showing once in a while.

Since Shun doesn't really know what to teach Arashi per se, he just let them experience some of the part time jobs he did back then.

1. If you're a man, fill up a gasoline tank
2. If you're a man, make a cafe ole
3. If you're a man, make an espresso <--Ohno's espresso looked like a giant radish? and Shun's...I have no words xD


Encounter with the unknown:

Guests: Abe Yuuki and Hasebe Makoto

They knew that most of Arashi were doing baseball when they were young, but Ohno denied that he's playing it :D

Dear Aiba and Ohno, goalkeepers protect the goal, not cower under the goal xD


Good and giggling episode :D
Tags: review, tv show: arashi ni shiyagare
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