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13 January 2013 @ 08:10 pm
Nope, not my report. Just a translation from Japanese fanblogs.

Popcorn Nagoya Tour (Final) 1.13.13

MC & Speech:
Popcorn Tour Ends...Collapse )


Do not repost~
13 January 2013 @ 12:17 am
Nope, it's not my report.

Just a translation of concert reports found from Japanese fanblogs (ameblo, livedoor)

Nagoya Popcorn Tour 1.11.13

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Don't repost~
11 January 2013 @ 06:35 pm
...and maybe some rants, so beware

I sort of updated the gazillion mirror links provided by kind lj users for the AniS & Arafes DVD posts. My inbox had 400+ messages and upon skimming over, I guess at least half (?) are comments saying links are not working/dead/broken. I wasn't able to read all of them coz' I was eager to clean up my inbox (read: delete notifications). So if you provided mirrors and they weren't updated in the post, uhm, sorry?

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If you have other questions, leave a comment here. I promise to read it and respond *winks*
23 October 2012 @ 05:55 pm

Real life's been pretty hectic these days that there's a  need to take a hiatus from all the subbing activities.

And I've been pretty much addicting myself to autumn's shoujo anime >,<. So yeah, see you all when I find time.

30 August 2012 @ 06:55 am

For a certain stoic guy (and a normal girl? lol)

As a treat for Matsujun's birthday, here's a translation:

Thank you messages to Arashi's youngest <3
From Waku Waku 2011 - Ohno's Moshi Moshi lesson
[feelings of gratitude]
O: Today will be Matsumoto-sensei! Today, please give your thank you messages to Matsujun.
A: Eh~ wow. A really good music is playing...
S: Should we say it properly?
O: Please say it properly!
A: We can't joke around?
O: You can't joke! Please say it properly.
A: Eh~
O: Then! Let's start with Sho-kun
S: ME?!
A: I wanna see it once! I wanna see it once!
S: Eh? Then, I'll be the one to set the mood?
A: Sure~ set the mood!
O: Okay. Then, Sakurai-kun, are you ready?
S: Yes, somewhat...well...yes (laughs)
O: Matsumoto-kun, are you ready?
M: Yeah, I'm ready
S: You should be (laughs)
O: Then, please say your thanks to Matsumoto-kun!
S: Something I'm thankful to Matsujun...that is, during my first drama lead role in "Yoiko no Mikata", it was winter, you see. I was cold, and exhausted because I also had piles of exam. It was my birthday that time and I also received presents from the other three, but Matsujun gave me earmuffs, gloves, things that can be used in cold locations. When I had exams one after another, and my body wasn't in good condition, I think I was saved by your true and thoughtful warmth....and to you Matsujun, I say my thanks.
O: Next is Nino!
N: Uwa~ it's not Aiba-shi?!
(Nino was laughing for some reason)
O: Don't laugh!
N: Eh...Jun-kun, this is, there's no theme in this, and you may say that this is uneventful but let me say the reason why I call you Jun-kun. Jun-kun, you entered the agency one month earlier than me. Well, it's been 15 years since we've known each other. And you never looked down on me even once. I think that's because you always look at me with respect.  That's a special quality that you have. When we became Arashi, you take the initiative to take charge in our concerts or events like this. And for that, I respect and thank you everyday. Thank you!
Next is Aiba-chan...
A: Matsumoto Jun-kun. What I want to thank you for is during incidents of our many concerts. When I made a mistake with my outfit, when I still wear something that I have to remove, when I take off something I shouldn't...
N: Aiba-shi! It's not okay to take off something you shouldn't, right?!
A: ....there are times that it's okay for me. That way you look and take care of me, there are times when I think "our eyes often meet, huh~, does he like me~?" or something like that. And for you Matsumoto-kun! I'm really grateful from the bottom of my heart. Please look after my costume incidents from here on as well! Thank you!
Lastly, from Leader
O: Jun-kun. Five years ago, when I had a stageplay, I had a sore throat. At that time, without saying anything, you especially went home and brought me a medicine for sore throat, saying "This is good (for the throat), take it!." Even when I didn't say anything, you noticed it, and brought medicines for me. Thanks to that, I finished my stageplay with no problems. Even now, I'm thankful to you for that. Thank you very much during that time!
N: Ohno-sensei! You spoke well! I was moved! Though Aiba-san's was different...
S: Ohno-sensei! If you don't call Matsujun over here-
O: Ah, you can return here! Matsujun, how was it?
M: Well~ I'm really speechless...aren't we all together for years now. We debuted, did so many things. I thought how much time passed when I listened to (the four of) you. But, I'm happy.
M: Well, from here too, let's enjoy what we do as the five of us!
A: Let us! <3
S: Yoroshiku peace!


Thanks to those who PMed me to greet me ^_^

And I'm off to somewhere to enjoy the day <3
26 August 2012 @ 10:02 pm

While I was actually waiting for someone in Arashi to read a letter, it turned out that ALL of them have a message. Well, to their future selves ^_^ I managed to record the audio \o/

[dear future self]
To my future self, are you smiling? Are you smiling through any kind of situation? Though I think it's something difficult to do, I'll be happy if you smile. My present self thinks that smiling is a good thing, so I smile a lot. I think the future depends on the present. That's why I live fully everyday. To the extent that everyone around me will see that I did my best today. Everyone is doing their best. I'm surrounded by great friends. May you, my future self, be able to smile with your great friends, too.
When today becomes tomorrow, that's the future. It may be the future in 10 or 20 years, but tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are the future too. That's why I live with all my might today. Because I don't want to regret doing my very best today, even if a tomorrow I didn't wish comes. Our "future" is definitely "today." With that in mind, I do my best to live today.
To my future self, I wonder what kind of future waits ahead? I'm looking forward what kind of everyday will my 30-year-old self have. And because we had come this far by being supported by many people, I think it will be good to be of help to people even just a little. I think it will be great if I can become someone who can support people of different environments and cheer those who are lost even just a little. I definitely want to create a bright future. I think I will.
To my future self: I tried thinking whether it's my self tomorrow, the next year, or 10 years after, but I wasn't able to come up with a definite answer. That's because the future is something you can only get from the past. "Today" exists from heaping up yesterday. Add the present, and tomorrow will exist. Add tomorrows, and a future will exist. That's why I live now. So that I won't laugh at my yesterday. So that I will be able to smile more tomorrow.
My future: I think of continue doing what I like. Well, that includes fishing. Since I like drawing and creating things, I'll be happy if I'll be able to do so 10, 20 and 30 years later. If I treasure the present, and live treasuring it, I think it will definitely become a wonderful future. Because of that, I treasure everyday, continue to do what I like and create a masterpiece of a future. And, the future of us, Arashi. Matsujun, Aiba-chan, Sho-chan, Nino, always smile. Whatever happens, let's overcome it with the five of us. And, in the future ahead of us, let us always stay together as the five of us.

I was quite teary in this part, and somehow, my tears flowed naturally when Makenaide was sang, and Hokuto Akira arrived at   the Budoukan. It was truly a great event.

This year's 24 Hour TV was enjoyable. It has its funny moments, especially during the Darts trip. And its touching and teary moments. Each members' support made me teary (I'm weak at dramas! >,<). I actually cried during Sho's cover of a mother who lost her daughter during the tsunami tragedy, but I literally bawled when I watched Matsujun tried his best not to cry after his conducting performance. 

All I can say is お疲れ様 , Arashi! and my exHD is ready xDD

31 July 2012 @ 02:59 pm

証 (Akashi- Proof)

Ano hi boku wa yume wo tada oikake nagara
Gamushara ni kono hi wo tada mitsumeta
Doko made mo ikeru doko e demo yukeru

Koko ni himeta yuuki wo ima kono setsuna ni
Tooku chikatta keshiki ga ano koro no mama
Boku no mae ni hirogatteru kara

Kazoe kirenai namida to tsuyogari wo
Hitori kasanete sora wo mezashitandarou
Daremo ga todokanai mono kono tenara tsukameru to
Dokomade mo dokomade mo zutto
Egaki tsuzuketa yume wo 

Aa Afuredasu chikara koete yuku kokoro
Haruka tatakai no suteeji
Genkai no mukou de yorokobi no sakebi wo
Ano hi oikaketa ano bamen ga
Koko ni aru kara

Daremo ga kono senaka oikakete kuru nara
Boku wa mada minu ashita
Kono michi wo aruki tsuzukete yukou
Jibun wo shinjite

Tachidomaru koto sae shiranai hokori wa
Takanaru tamashii tsuki ugokasundarou
Itsuwari no nai kodou ga ima toki wo kizamu youni
Itsumade mo itsumade mo kitto kataritsunagareru kiseki

Aa Afuredasu chikara koeteyuku kokoro
Towa ni todokeru messeeji
Kagayakeru mirai e yorokobi wo tsunagete
Zutto hashiritsuzuketa akashi wa soko ni aru kara

Ari no mama no sonzai wo 
Ari no mama no kanjou wo
Seotta omoi wo ima koko ni tokihanate
Seijaku no shunkan ga mitashiteku kandou wo
Jibun sae koete habatake

Aa afuredasu chikara koeteyuku kokoro
Haruka tatakai no suteeji
Genkai no mukou de yorokobi no sakebi wo
Ano hi oikaketa ano bamen ga
Koko ni aru kara

[English translation]
English translation:

While I was simply chasing after a dream that day,
recklessly fixed my eyes on this day,
I thought I can go stubbornly, even go to any where

The courage I hid becomes this moment now
Because the distant landscape in which I sworn to remains the same
and is spreading right in front of me

The countless tears and brave fronts I showed
I heap them up alone and aim for the sky
Thinking that these hands can grab the things that nobody can reach
Persistently, anywhere
I continue the dream I painted
Ah An overflowing energy, a heart that overcomes
a far away battle stage
Beyond my limit, I will shout joyfully
because the scene I chased that day 
is right here

If someone will come chase after this back
I will continue to walk down this road
towards a not yet seen tomorrow
I will believe in myself

Even by standing still, an unknown pride 
will stir up a throbbing soul
So that these unfabricated feelings will engrave this moment
Surely, a miracle will be handed down forever 

Ah, an overflowing energy, a heart that overcomes
(are) messages that reach eternity
The shining future is connected to a great happiness
because the proof that I kept on running forever is here

My true existence
My true feelings
I will set free the feelings I carry here now
The silent moment will fulfill this passion
I will soar overcoming even myself

Ah An overflowing energy, a heart that overcomes
a far away battle stage
Beyond my limit, I will shout joyfully
because the scene I chased that day 
is right here


あの日ぼくは夢を ただ追いかけながら
がむしゃらに この日を ただ見つめた
どこまでも行ける どこへでも行ける

ここに秘めた勇気を 今 この刹那に
遠く 誓った景色が あの頃のまま
ぼくの前に 広がってるから

一人重ねて 空を目指したんだろう
誰もが届かないもの この手なら掴めると
どこまでも どこまでも ずっと 描き続けた夢を
   ああ溢れ出す力 越えてゆく心
 遥か 戦いのステージ
 限界の向こうで 歓喜(よろこび)の叫びを
 あの日 追いかけたあの場面が ここにあるから

誰もがこの背中 追いかけて来るなら
ぼくはまだ見ぬ明日 この道を歩き 続けて行こう

立ち止まることさえ 知らない誇りは
高鳴る魂 衝き動かすんだろう
偽りの無い鼓動が 今 瞬間(とき) を刻むように
いつまでも いつまでも きっと 語り継がれる軌跡
    ああ溢れ出す力 越えてゆく心
 永遠に 届けるメッセージ
 輝ける未来へ 喜びを繋げて
 ずっと 走り続けた証は そこにあるから
ありのままの存在を ありのままの感情を
背負った思いを今ここに 解き放て
静寂の時間が 満たしてく感動を
   ああ溢れ出す力 越えてゆく心
 遥か 戦いのステージ
 限界の向こうで 歓喜(よろこび) の叫びを
 あの日 追いかけたあの場面が ここにあるから

29 July 2012 @ 04:50 pm

This is just a partial translation since I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of groups/people who will sub this episode~

Anyway, Kanjani appeared for the PR of their movie, Eito Rangers 


~love it~Collapse )

22 July 2012 @ 09:56 pm
Totally adorable xD 

Beware of an abused Ibuki and bratty Okita

Read more...Collapse )

full images here and here.
Cross-posted this at my tumblr.

Please do not use the translation without permission. 
Link back to this journal post if you want to share.

Hope you enjoyed the crack~
20 July 2012 @ 01:14 pm
And here's the last installment of Arashi's somosomo lesson c/o Matsujun. This time we had the mastermind himself get investigated by none other than Nino ^_^.

But...before we go to that, I'm gonna throw in first the Somosomo lesson before Matsujun's (07/16). I think this was in July 15, the pm event. I think it will be a waste not to include it ^_^

The somosomo that day was actually a summary of the 4's (ANOS) childhood memories (eg how they were as a child)

Note: This is not my own report, but rather a translation of reports from Japanese fan blogs. They may be some hits and misses from the actual event

[The young Arashi]

He was a child who won't calm down and listen to what we say. Soon after I told him not to grasp the lid of the Mizuyoukan, he grasped it and got five stitches. When I told him not to cross over because a car was coming, he crossed over. He was a child whose thinking I couldn't understand.
J: You were a very curious child?
O: Yeah, yeah
J: It seems you had many episodes of injury
When he was five years old, we had a fight in Shibuya and I left him behind. He wasn't crying and was walking with sharp eyes towards me. Since then, he was the type who can make judgments and act by himself.
J: Can a five-year-old boy walk home alone?
S: I thought that a parent would never go home leaving such a small child behind.
J: Amazing. Were you able to go home?
S: In the end, it turned out she went home leaving me behind. I walked home alone.
J: Your mother looked for you. She thought of picking you up.
S: At the last intersection at Mizuho Bank...I wasn't familiar with the place so I  had no idea, but in the end, I was able to go home by walking for 40~ 50 minutes. While walking. I'd seen all the buses passing by me. And so I spotted my mother riding a bus. I thought "She gave up"
J: A five-year old child gets anxious riding a train even with their parents, right?
O: And as a five-year-old, you even had that sharp look
J: He had that young Sakurai behavior
He was very shy of strangers. He had a timid personality. (So) when he magnificently did a recital, even us, his parents, were surprised!
S: I don't remember talking to you when we were Juniors. You were shy of strangers, right?
J: What kind of recital was it?
A: I never told anyone but I used to play the piano
N: Was that really a piano?
A: It was a piano!
S: There was indeed a piano in your house
A: I played it when I was in primary school. I performed many times. I even wore a bow tie
O: Then can you (still) play it?
A: That was enough, right? After that, I had a swimming performance
J: Performance?
S: Let me confirm, was that swimming, a synchronized swimming?
He was a timid child, so whenever we line up for a jet coaster ride, he would complain of stomach ache. When he just entered the nursery, he was nervous so he would sing in his sleep "Poppoppo hatopoppo"
S: Are you still not good (with jet coasters)?
N: Probably. My stomach would ache immediately. I was also nervous, embarrassed, it was a moment I hated
A: Your stomach's all good, right?
N: My stomach would ache whenever I eat expensive food
S: But you know, even though Matsujun's version isn't told yet, there's a boy who would make a sharp look, a boy who would grip a Mizuyoukan's lid, a boy shy of strangers and a boy who would get a stomach ache. Makes us all the same, right?
?: So true
O: I'm a kid who cannot be understood

They had a little quiz about Nino

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Nino borrowed the farewell party invitation from his mother when he was in 6th grade. His mother was really impressed that he took a picture of it.

Q: What did he say (or wrote) to his mother?

S: "Ah, this is not goodbye, because we will see each other again" (from Typhoon Generation) 
J: This was before we released that song
N: I got, I think it's...

(Nino whispered something to J)
J: You're in the right direction. It's something Nino will say in variety shows nowadays
A: "We will have a farewell party, how about coming to it?"
J: Close!
O: "We will have a farewell party but it doesn't matter if you come" 
J: He wouldn't say something that cold, right?

The answer: COME


(Nino got flustered)

N: Scary~
S: That was the best. You had the trait of a domineering husband. 
J: It had such a big impact that she couldn't throw it away 
O: Nothing changed, since then and even now 
N: I was really a child. I'm really thankful that she kept even something like this.

Now here's Matsujun's "somosomo" ^_^

from 07.16.2012 event
A delicate child Collapse )

And that ends Matsujun's Somosomo lesson. It may be impossible but I wish they will document all the members' versions on DVD >.< so that Matsujun's kindergarten arts will always be remembered :D